Artist Statement

Born and raised in rural Minnesota, Jennie Ward graduated from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design in 1999. She currently resides on a small hobby farm in Northern Minnesota where she works out of her barn studio and can be found in the fields drawing and painting. Her current body of work is centered around the farm, the animals, the landscape and her family. Jennie's work ignites the soul by grabbing our attention with her brilliant color, athletic application of paint and careful observation of her subject matter.

"My work to me is about going about my day working on the farm, observing, empathizing and participating in what I can only explain as wonderful moments. The moment when I become a part of what I see. This is art. Art to me is when I feel a deep connection with what I see and how I am able to be a part of that through documenting a live moment in time with a pencil or paint or a mark. To work from life, capturing the soul of a moment or a person or animal, is truly wonderful."


Jennie Ward in her studio, photograph by Chelsea Neuerburg